Grant Application

Grant Application

The Allocation Committee of AFF invites PennState Health and College of Medicine employees and students to request funding for programs that directly support Medical Centers and the PennState College of Medicine. AFF’s mission is to support medical education, research, clinical care, and scholarship. Requests for funding is up to $10,000 for each grant.

2023 Grant Application closed May 31, 2023.

Grant Recipient Feedback

"The incorporation of many different languages really helped develop CANN-DIR into a special project. (2022.) This project has continued to gain traction in the community as well as garnering support within Penn State Health. Thank you."



"I wanted to reach out and thank the AFF again for all of your help and generosity for the Period Project-Harrisburg Day of Impact. (2021.)  I cannot adequately convey my appreciation for the made such an impact on so many people.  THANK YOU!"



Guidelines for Preparing AFF Allocation Request

The Allocation Committee determines funding to a maximum of $10,000 per request based upon the following criteria:

  • What additional funding sources have been or will be approached to satisfy the request?
  • Funding requests for food, entertainment, hospitality supplies, travel, and lodging will not be considered.
  • If the request is approved by the AFF, the allocated funds will be transferred to the appropriate fund number through the Office of University Development.
  • The recipient is required to complete an AFF Progress Report by February 28 and Final Report by July 1 describing how the funds have been utilized. Failure to issue a status and final report will jeopardize future allocation availability.
  • Allocation of the AFF funds is specific to each request and must be used for that purpose. If you are unable to use the funds in the manner requested, the funds must be returned to the AFF.
  • If funds are allocated to you and you wish to redistribute the funds for a different purpose under the same proposal, a request must be submitted to the President of the Association of Faculty and Friends for approval.
  • There may be a random review of the allocations throughout the year.
  • Accepted grant recipients may be interviewed for our monthly AFF members newsletter.

All funds for 2023 must be spent by June 30, 2024. Funds not accessed by this time will be forfeited and returned to AFF.

Current and Past Grant Allocations

Community Outreach
* Food as Medicine Program
* Cancer Survivorship Celebration
* Maternity Hair Kits
* Community Outreach for Bhutanese Refugee Health

Clinical Care
* Serious Illness Care Program
* Caring for Patients With Sensory Considerations
* Penn State Health Music Therapy Adult Expressions & Mindfulness Package

Medical Research
* Novel Methodology to Study Poliomaviruses for the Development of Drugs & Diagnostics
* ALS Brain-Computer Interface
* Evaluation of Ophthalmic Oxymetazoline to Improve Quality of Life and Outcomes in Patients with Ocular Synkinesis

Combo of Clinical Care & Community Outreach
* Improving Outcome for heart Failure patients Through Medication Optimization & Diet Education

Global Health
* Cataract Equipment In Ghana